UCL favorites: FC Barcelona

Football has a long history and seems like there were always specific teams that tend to dominate all over the world. Today football has changed a lot, but one thing that still remains is temporality. Every team, at some point, reaches its peak and after that, there is a recession. How many perfect examples are there: Inter, Man Utd, Liverpool (Here the recession seems to last forever) to name a few. Yes, in this era of super clubs we have teams that always dominate Europe (Bayern, Real Madrid…), and there is Barca. During the past decade, none of the teams has won UCL more than once, while Barca has done it 4 times. The style of FC Barcelona was created by Dutchman – Frank Rijkaard and that style still remains in the soul of the club. Everyone remembers the incredible performance they demonstrated during the last season as well as the treble. There are some factors that state: the Trophy will remain at Camp Nou.


Messi, Suarez and Neymar. The South American trio is the engine, the driving force behind the current success of blaugrana. Together they have scored around 130 goals and have more than 50 assists. Well, numbers do not decide everything in football because sometimes according to them Eden Hazard is better than Iniesta. But there is another key difference between MSN and other attacking groups, friendship. Ronaldo thinks that friendship has nothing to do with football and they (Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo) can do their job without talking to each other. We all know that team spirit in football can do magic even without huge professional skills. You don’t believe me? Check out the EPL table. Even though they are still playing, it feels that they are the best in the history. Here is a reminder…


Despite winning a treble, Luis Enrique’s side failed to reach Guardiola’s ‘sextuple’. However, this doesn’t mean that Barca is weaker today. Moreover, there is a key difference between two perfect models, which is making today’s Barca much better. It is development. People are calling Pep’s 2009 team the best ever, although everyone remembers that after winning everything the team lost its desire, and for the most part during these 4 years the team has not developed. Today we can see that Enrique has changed the team and made it different even compared with last year. New big signings (Turan, Aleix Vidal) and other upcoming ones are assuring that the issue won’t happen again.

Independence from Messi

All Madrid’s fanboys used to accuse FCB of its dependence on Messi. Most likely this was the case in the past, but surely not today. Three key players are very good that it seems like they can replace each other without any problem. This was perfectly shown at the start of the season when Messi was injured and let’s face it, even without Messi they have the ability to stay in the top rank in Europe for another season.

Everything is great, but we have one big problem. No team has ever won two consecutive UCL titles. In football, you can never predict this kind of things. However, this season is perfect for writing history.

Author: Alen Tadevosyan

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