Leicester and success



Definitely, Leicester City is one of the surprises during this calendar year. Half of the 2015-16 football season is over and in England, things are the other way around. The current champion is at the 16-th position and they are 20 points below the last season’s rookies, who are now undoubtedly the true leaders. Despite their league position and inspiring game, Leicester City’s players and manager, Claudio Ranieri, have repeatedly said that they (the team) are still fighting relegation.

So what is the end of this tale, where will the trophy stay until next year?

This story began after Leicester’s last season win over West Ham. Back in those days, Leicester was the underdog who got promotion and is suffering from lack of experience in a high standard game. Can you guess where Leicester was just a year ago? Right, they were at the bottom of the table with 10 points after 17 games and many believed that even magic couldn’t have helped them. The team was at the last spot for 17 consecutive matchdays but then, at April 4th, it happened. After the above-mentioned game something extraordinary had taken place. During the last 8 League games they had gained 19 out of 24 points and reached the 14-th place at the end of the season. Many experts think it was the club’s manager, Nigel Pearson, who made the dream of their fans come true. At the midseason, many changes took place. The main one was Nigel Pearson’s dismissal. Because of this, let’s say “unusual”, accident with his son. We will leave the causes for now since the end result is what matters at this stage. The departure of the “Player of the Year” award holder Esteban Cambiasso, who for sure had his share in Leicester’s success, is another major change.


Before the season, it was announced that a well-known guy Claudio Ranieri will take the helm. Before Leicester, Ranieri had failed with Greece National Team as people weren’t satisfied with the results. Following these events, many fans were disappointed and nearly everyone believed that Leicester is going to fail. After the very first league game, the second part of the tale began. So far Leicester lost only 1 game, however, it isn’t holding them back from dominating in the most competitive league in the world and even beyond the frame of that league. These unbelievable results are also due to some key players who became the leaders not only in England but in the whole world. The deadly duo Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez is on the pages of all sports magazines. Together they have scored 26 goals which are the highest amongst Europe. Furthermore, it is also four goals more than Real Madrid’s trio, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo‘s goals. It’s also worth to mention that Vardy broke Ruud van Nistelrooy‘s record by scoring in 11 consecutive league games.

Although, some experts argue that so far Leicester was fortunate with its fixtures and that most likely they will drop during the so called Boxing Day, it was said that Leicester‘s exam on strength will be the last 6 games of the season’s first half. So far, the first 3 games passed and Leicester has shown that it isn’t all about fortune and the confident victory over “broken” Chelsea is evidence of it. The only help received from fortune is that big teams underestimated Leicester‘s power. This means that in the future Claudi Ranieri‘s squad will be treated as a top club, so must put huge¬†efforts to stay in the top four and let’s hope they will make it.



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